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PostSubject: weblo toolbar   weblo toolbar Icon_minitimeSat 10 Oct - 23:01

WTF... Now they added a toolbar so you can see who's online and chat with your donkey friends who also got F&%$@$ by weblo.... wow

So is the new plan..... slap a new look on weblo and call for more cash!!!
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PostSubject: Re: weblo toolbar   weblo toolbar Icon_minitimeSun 11 Oct - 7:39

lol, if they weren't so busy undermining the values of the sites and the original content contributors, this would be pretty cool.

Too bad its about 2 years too late.

If they'd played it smart they could have had it both ways and been a true internet powerhouse. As it is they will simply slowly bleed to death. Typical problem with the quick score without looking at all the angles, type of mentality.

See it every day
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