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PostSubject: name change   name change Icon_minitimeTue 14 Jul - 16:16

2002- is this rockys brother? do they just relaunch it every few years under someone else?

Allainet CEO Rafaqat Mirza Asks:

"What would you say if someone told you that they could mirror everything in the physical world, that they could duplicate the world we live in, from the Grand Canyon right down to the pebbles in your backyard? Two worlds identically the same, one the physical world we live in the other one a carbon copy of the real world, but uninhabited and ready for exploration."

OTTAWA, Canada – January 24, 2002, – Allainet ready to launch global twin.

Allainet represents a dedicated and driven team who has spent years working around the clock, around the world insistent that they could duplicate the world. The team utilized technology to its fullest capacity, pushed its potentials to the farthest boundaries and it is now ready to launch its red ribbon ceremony to the world.

" We would like to introduce to you a reality that will change the face of cyberworld as we have come to know it. We introduce you to the earths double, Weblo."

Allainet announces access to the Weblo World on January 24, 2002. Admittance will not be limited by wealth or social dynamics, it will not be hindered by geography, or politics, it will exist for every nation, every culture, and every age! Imagine the world at your fingertips, imagine the possibilities...or just log on to and take your imagination for a tour.

History is made by the discoverers, those of us who have eagerly ventured into the unknown – boldly going where none have gone before and staking a claim for their King, their country and themselves. Marco Polo did it by camel, Columbus by ship, Armstrong by rocket. Now anyone, anywhere on earth can do it with Weblo!!

Rafaqat Mirza is a co-founder of the dedicated and driven Allainet team who has committed over 18 months in support of the vision of building a duplicate parallel world. Rafaqat Mirza is committed to using the Internet to bring people together and to build community. He aspires to make WEBLO a vehicle for social interaction and connection.

Rafaqat, a technology visionary, prides himself on his innovation and drive within a very competitive industry. He has used IT to pursue his passions and help fulfill his personal needs. As an early Muslim Canadian Internet pioneer, Rafaqat felt a personal need to respond to the specific demands of Muslim. He will be unveiling the Internet’s next big app - Weblo, a phenomenon destined to revolutionize the Internet world.

Growing up listing to the gossips about leaders in Muslim countries is an experience known to every young Muslim in North America. With the launch of the duplicate universe any Muslim can buy a city in their country or anywhere else and become a mayor.

Through the use of technology mayors will be able to pass by-laws on issues that they feel will take their cities to the next level. Especially the next generation, “I can see cities around the world being molded by students and their educational background” says Rafaqat. For example if a technology student was to buy the city of Islamabad in Pakistan the city will surly benefit from the up to date technology knowledge of the student.

Mr. Mirza is a young Muslim Canadian who is proud of his background and says that “our religion teaches us to be fair when conducting business”. He is one of the youngest CEO’s in entire country and has already set the stage for others to follow with the creation of

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PostSubject: Re: name change   name change Icon_minitimeThu 16 Jul - 2:04

Oh man, you almost made me forget which reality I was in.

Either that or it took them 5 years to launch it, which may explain how long it took them to make any changes. Can never tell when you're making stuff up or posting actual reports ...
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